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Edits and dills online forms with no Internet access
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Access and fill the proper windows and gaps in FormsForWeb forms in an offline mode. The utility provides settings for automated placement of input data in all types of formal structures with templates saved for manual application as well. New forms are downloaded from dedicated servers optionally.

With the Lucom FormsForWeb® software you can communicate with business partners and colleagues easier. This program allows all those involved in the process to execute their part, regardless of where they are located. All that is required is an Internet connection and you can work from anywhere since everything is in one central location that is accessible through the website. The structured forms present the data entered in a clear manner to all those that will need this information and that means no further explaining or clarifying will be necessary.
The program does improve communication with the user-friendly interfaces, built-in checks and calculations. It also minimizes the time needed before getting paid because it allows you to forward the workflow for approval and have it transferred to the accounting system.
The FormsForWeb® program has many forms that you can access online which are part of a central database. This means that you will quickly find the latest version of every form you want. There are many new possibilities that open up to you and your business if you take advantage of the combination of forms, web applications and a database that are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Luis Sanchez
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